Urbanears Headphones:Denim Never Goes Out of Style!

The guy who invented the denim, should probably receive a medal. Besides, the yearly billion of dollars, worldwide recognition and everyday wear, you know?

Denim is so cool that it even began to be used for other stuff too, like headphones, for example.

The Plattan Denim are the latest wonders signed by the Urbanears, designed to make you look even hotter than you normally are. The beauties come with a raw finish, which does not become older, but better,brass accents and indigo colored ear cushions and fabric cord.

But you should not forget one thing: they might be denim, but you should not try to wash them because they are not water-resistant.

These gorgeous headphones will be available everywhere in the world starting with May23rd and will cost around $80.

The price we pay for being fashionable!

Source: www.coolest-gadgets.com


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