Top 10 Latest Gadgets for Men

male cell phone

• Rim blackberry storm 2 is the second try of this famous brand for their touch screen offerings after the not so successful attempt for the first one. This second version uses 4 actuators placed beneath the screen that responds electronically so that it responds better and there are no dead spots on the sides. The OS has also been improved so you will surely want to try it out for yourself.

• IPhone 3GS’s new processor makes the past generations or versions inferior to this new model it makes the experience much more dynamic and fun. The graphic processor is also improved so there are no downtimes when zooming in to web pages. It also uses copy and paste, landscape keyboard and other additional things and of course, the hundreds of apps available for download.
DVD Blu-ray

• LG’s offering for a home theater system is the right gift for men who want everything compact and ready to use. It has a 5.1 channel system. It also has HDMI ports, an IPod dock, Wi-Fi, Dolby True-HD as well as DTS-HD decoding for audio and Blu-Ray capability. Who would not want to try and explore this amazing device?

• Samsung is for those who want a cleaner space with all the benefits of a multifaceted home theater system. It has an integrated Bu-ray player that can be mounted beneath the HD TV. The subwoofer is wireless and is free to roam. Even if it is a 2.1 channel system, it packs a lot of benefits like Wi-Fi readiness, Dolby True HD, DTS HD audio as well as Pandora and Netflix streaming.


• Sony Pavilion DM3 is the answer for an ultra powerful net book that men would want to get their hands on. It has a 500 GB hard drive, a 13 inch screen, a powerful dual core processor and graphics card. This makes the computer experience on a net book feel like using a notebook. You will surely want to try it out.

• Mac book Pro is a block of High tech aluminum that can fit into your messenger bag. It is portable high powered equipment that will surely make you feel modern with its sleek metallic frame and reliable system. At 1,200 dollars a throw, this is a real deal product that will surely make any man feel proud.


• Canon Powers hot is a very ideal camera to those who do not really feel the need for bulky SLRs at the moment. This camera has optical image stabilization, 720p video, a sleek design and a very affordable price at 250 dollars. For a lightweight option, this is a camera for you.

• Nikon D5000 is a solid DSLR that captures image in a professional level. This is best for those who like to take images and marvel at them in a frame. Even if it is a bit clumsy at the focusing department, it is still an excellent camera as long as the subject is not moving.


• Kodak z18 is a 1080p shooter that is packed in a slim frame. It is the only mini camcorder with an image stabilization technology. Even if this one will not document lasting memories, this is perfect for those who like to document everyday life for their logs.

• Sony HDR solves the jitter problems by compensating the vertical, vertical and lateral movements. This eliminates the shudders especially when the camera is on the move, for example, walking. Audio is not taken for granted with a built in microphone with 5.1 channel recording. It is also cute with its automatic smile sensor so you can capture those smiling moments with your special someone.

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