Twitter ad products

Twitter’s advertisement items program prospective, however the company may not be in a position to turn it is system directly into a powerful indispensable appliance for marketers, mentioned Larry Chiagouris, a marketing and advertising professor at just Rate College in Brand-new York. Twitter has got sunk a countless money directly into leveraging it is fast fan base, such as allowing marketers to pay for promoted communications which appear within a users feed. However, to date, its confusing whether those efforts are going to be outstanding. The social networking is following…

The Dangers of Social Networking: “Facebook Depression”

Most of us spend time on social networks, like Facebook or Twitter. While our maturity stop us (or a part of us) from crossing a line, teens are in danger of falling into a depression. Teens spend so much time online that they lose all contact with reality. Do you need proof on that? Have you noticed they don’t meet their friends for coffee? They just… “hang out” online. They share their most personal experiences with the entire world, hoping that they will gain some sort of trusted community to…

50 Million Tweets Per Day from Twitter

Everybody is using twitter to read recent news, to promote their activity on internet, to promote great articles and even for their dogs. 50 Million Tweets Per Day from Twitter Reading on Twitter’s blog I’ve seen that Twitter was announcing that its users are posting almost 50 million Tweets per day. Quite impressive, don’t you think? Twitter started its activity in 2009 and at the beginning there was about 2.5 million publishing per day and in one year (until the end of 2009) everything was going up to 35 million…

Bill Gates has a Twitter account, so follow him

Microsoft founder and owner of one of the largest humanitarian foundations in the world, Bill Gates, has for more than 24 hours a Twitter account. For those who have not yet had the pleasure, Twitter is one of the hottest social networks. Bill Gates has a Twitter account Those who want to watch on Bill Gates can get his page on Twitter. Although an account just a few hours, the number that watched him Bill Gates is the time of writing, nearly 170,000.

TwitterPeek for Twitter fans

Peek is the creator of a wireless terminal that allows sending e-mails on the go, with no problems. The company has now created a new product, this time for Twitter fans and bearing the name of TwitterPeek. TwitterPeek for Twitter fans This new portable gadget comes with an LCD display, a QWERTY keyboard and support for wireless connectivity equipment ideal for Twitter fans.