Samsung starts the production of 3D TV

It was natural that, after Sony has promised it will film football World Cup this year with 3D technology and 3D Avatar made waves around the world, to witness the exponential growth of the segment’s 3D LCD TVs. So the people at Samsung, always thirsty for marketing records, are the first, they say, starting the production of 3D TV. Initially, Sony will produce three types of TVs: 40, 46 and 55 inches. All three versions will be based 3D technology assets Glass, the current standard in the field.

Samsung 27-inch SyncMaster P2770HD HDTV monitor

Samsung has just officially launched a / HDTV 27-inch monitor named SyncMaster P2770HD. It allows users to enjoy the features of a normal TV, because of the TV tuner built-in, but also available for playback full HD movies on your PC. Samsung 27-inch SyncMaster P2770HD HDTV monitor The product comes with a Touch of Color design, a transparent support, full HD resolution, an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a dynamic ratio of 50000:1. In addition, the monitor has a response time of 2 ms, incorporating an HDMI port; use the…