Phosphor Appear, the Watch of Your Dreams

A beautiful watch is always a good investment since it can be both useful ( to keep track of meetings) and fashionable (its brilliant design can easily replace the fanciest bracelet). The  new Phosphor Appear is a  Swarovski Crystal watch made of stainless steel and real Swarovski crystals. It is the  first mechanical digital watch that has auto shock detection and works with the help of a micro-magnetic mechanical digitalTM technology. Its design is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for anyone who wants to be a fashion icon. The only disadvantage…

Retractable Earphones with Swarovski Crystal

Swarovski crystals are so precious and many products are adapting people’s desire by creating accessories and products with these crystals. Retractable Earphones with Swarovski Crystal The Retractable Earphones with Swarovski Crystal are made with cable tidies and are presented as colorful earphones at a price of $50 and they do something useful and tuck neatly away with getting in a tangled mess.