The Fabulous MP3 Player Sunglasses

  The contemporary world forces us to be always alert and accomplish multiple tasks at the same time. Fortunately, there are plenty of people that work hard in order to lay the foundation of the gadgets that will make our lives easier. The MP3 Player Sunglasses are the clearest example. This wonderful  invention can be used in different occasions without boring you with wires or complicated technologies.  It has a memory flash of 2 GB, a voice output power of 55 mW, a recharging time of 3 hours and a…

A Smashing Look With the Sound Illuminating Dress

                      One of my favorite things to do is shopping. And my main field of interest is represented by dresses. Long or short, elegant or casual, these excellent pieces of clothing are a delight for every woman. I have recently come across an innovative idea that truly deserves your attention: Sound Illuminating Dress . Due to its  electroluminescent wire and a built in microphone, this dress starts lighting up every time there is music around. It is very classy, with a…

Does this sound like a cool phone case design?

Question by GothGirl: Does this sound like a cool phone case design? I drew on my phone case with sharpie and made an eye broken hearts and stitches. Also I put the Black Veil Brides logo on it. I think it looks cool. Best answer: Answer by Xion SixThat sounds pretty awesome. I draw stuff like that all over my school notes and stuff. Plus Black Veil Brides is an awesome band. 🙂 What do you think? Answer below!

BeoCenter 2 from Bang & Olufsen

BeoCenter 2 from Bang & Olufsen is a great source of entertainment for your living room and has outstanding FM tuner and CD drive, plus optional DAB module. You can also add DVD playback and with any Bang & Olufsen screen and BeoLab 9 loudspeakers you would have sensational picture and sound experience. The BeoCenter 2 its polished aluminum wings glide aside to reveal a unique, integrated audio or video system.