The Cutest Blackberry Bold Diamante Cover

It has been a long time since I have got my eye on a cute Blackberry.So I bought it! But the important thing now is to preserve it in a decent state, so that it won’t ruin it from the first try.For that I have bought a Blackberry Bold 9900 Diamante Back Cover – Love Heart. It protects the phone from any scratches, scrapes, drops, dust and so on, has a very cute design with a shiny love heart on the back and it has cuts for all the main…

Panel with 80 USB ports for large families

You are the lucky owner of a hotel or simply have a large family? Perhaps you’d like to offer a service that will impress everybody. Improve them with a panel’s USB to charge the phones and MP3 players without standing in line. Panel with 80 USB ports An Asian producer is offering for $ 210 a USB hub monster with no less than 80 portals.