Elgan: When the iPhone feels your pain

Elgan: When the iPhone feels your pain We love our gadgets. But they treat us with an indifference that sometimes feels like contempt. They’re like cats. Read more on CIO The Lonely Crowd – the Effects of Technology on Our Families and Social Lives In a new book, Sherry Turkle documents the sometimes-detrimental effects of technology on our families and social lives. Read more on Cellular-News.com

'Empathy Gap': Why Some Can't See Bully Victims' Pain

‘Empathy Gap’: Why Some Can’t See Bully Victims’ Pain Unless they’ve experienced it firsthand, people underestimate the social pain endured by victims of bullying, a new study finds. Read more on LiveScience.com via Yahoo! News Cool devices also come in tiny boxes WHO doesn’t love Apple’s sophisticated iPod Touch or its 160-gigabyte iPod Classic that can store practically one’s entire music collection? Read more on Philippine Daily Inquirer Last Night at CES 2011: Asus’ Vision of the Future & The Mother of All Lines CES 2011 kicked off this evening…