Orbitor Electronic Listening Device

Orbitor Electronic Listening Device Listen to voices and sounds from 300 feet away Digital Recording allows 120 second Playback High Quality Headphones See things up close with viewfinderand 10X prisim The electronic listening device is so powerful a human conversation can be heard over 300 Feet away. Here secret surveillance when you really need to know what’s going on. You’ll get even more benefits with the view finder and Playback System. List Price: $ 59.95 Price: $ 48.00 Find More Spy Gadgets Products

Orbitor Electronic Spy Listening Device

Orbitor Electronic Spy Listening Device The Orbitor is the ultimate listening device Find out what’s really going on with your kids and their friends Digital recording system allows you to playback 12 second snippets High-quality headphones cover the entire ear to reduce ambient noise Outdoorsman can tap into nature’s secrets like never before You can capture distant sounds (and voices) that would otherwise not be heard with the help of our sophisticated Orbitor Electronic Listening Device. Price: $ 49.99