Red CarBot App from DeskPets

All kids, and not only love red cars. I think because red cars make us think about Ferrari, fast and furious car! We all love fast cars and new gadgets. The DeskPets CarBot App Controlled Red Car is perfect if you want to spend a beautiful evening after work with your kid. I think boys would love to play with new red car, but my small daughter loved it from the start and after 2 weeks it’s still her favorite toy. CarBot offers lots of fun, having 4amazing ways to…

Enhance the jovial mood of Christmas with Top Ten Christmas Gadgets

Christmas is a festive season that everyone looks forward to with much anxiety. it is therefore important you do the right thing and acquaint yourself with the latest and most eye catching gadgets to enhance your moon in this festival time. In my opinion it is the best time and opportunity you can take to surprise your friend or even spouse with a flashy gift from the top ten Christmas gadgets and you never know it could do some magic. This is the perfect time for you to make up…

Cool iPod Nano Watch

An iPod Nano watch seems to be a great idea, that’s why Scott Wilson wants to design it with 2 amazing bands with real multi-touch. If you don’t know who Scott Wilson is, I should tell you that he is the founder of Chicago design studio, called Minimal. He was creative director for Nike’s watches. Those two bands that I’ve said before should be TikTok and LunaTik.

Motorola MILESTONE 2

Motorola announced the Milestone 2 that will be available in Europe, too. As expected, Milestone 2 has top facilities with high-resolution screen, powerful processor and video capture 720p. The list of technical facilities of this device: * 3.7-inch touchscreen with 854 x 480 pixel resolution

2010 Kitchen Gadgets

Mini brewers A fresh cup of coffee or tea can revitalize the soul in the morning or it can also serve as a pick-me up whenever you need a little boost of energy, mini brewers can provide one good cup of coffee that is perfect and consistent at all times. You need not to worry about having a coffee or tea that is too strong or too light. Place water on the container and put some coffee on the filter and it will produce a perfect cup of coffee in…

AIAIAI Golden Pipe Headset

This cool and elegant headset from the AIAIAI offers improved materials and quality sound. You can use it with your iPhone as a single push to answer incoming calls or to hang up and on the iPod is the same for playing and stopping the music. If you push the button 2 times, your iPod will forward to next song. This is compatible with iPod, IPhone, MP3 players and almost all laptops and was designed to deliver reduced external noise and clear sound at safe volume levels.