Microsoft, Motorola, Verizon: CES Preview

Microsoft, Motorola, Verizon: CES Preview NEW YORK (TheStreet) — Next week marks the biggest week on tech’s calendar as the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show kicks off in Las Vegas. Not only will all the gadgets from the future be there, so will TheStreet. And amid the buzz about connected cars and connected TVs, tablets and 4G wireless, we will be zeroing in on the pertinent investment news that could influence stocks. So what’s in store … Read more on The Best Gadgets of 2010 The year 2010 is closing…

Windows Phone 7 incompatible with Windows Mobile 6.x

If until now there were moments of confusion, in which Microsoft officials were left to interpret how the phones with Windows Mobile 6.x Phone should support upgrading to Windows 7, now head of Microsoft’s Mobile Communications Business division said that Windows Phone 7 can not be installed on older Windows Mobile phones. Windows Phone 7 incompatible with Windows Mobile 6.x Case incompatibility is given by the construction and hardware requirements. For example, HTC HD2, although meets the hardware, doesn’t have dedicated keys to use the new system: back, home and…

Microsoft will announce details about HTC HD2 and Windows Phone 7 in March

A message posted on Twitter by Microsoft via Windows Phone official account is announcing that the Redmond giant will provide details about HTC HD2 and Windows Phone 7 next month. It came the time for launching a WP7 upgrade on HD2? Microsoft will announce details about HTC HD2 and Windows Phone 7 in March I can’t wait to play Xbox Live titles on the HTC HD2, although it could be more interesting to see the release of Windows 7 on a Microsoft mobile Phone, possibly with ASUS support, as is…

Google paid $ 5 million for an ad during Super Bowl

Google made its entry into “premier league” of advertisers, the Super Bowl, with a spot for the company paid around five million dollars. Google paid $ 5 million for an ad during Super Bowl A minute spot aired during the Super Google Bowl is the greatest effort to promote the media traditional for a company that gained notoriety by online exposure and recommendations people.

How is tricked the world with Internet Explorer

If Microsoft could do a great job for mankind, it would certainly be to dispense us of Internet Explorer browser. After numerous vulnerabilities (many serious) found in absolutely all versions, the Redmond giant still has the nerve to do ads “Internet Explorer – target with higher security”. How the world is tricked with Internet Explorer Now they admit that was discovered a new vulnerability that could facilitate unauthorized access to personal information.

Bill Gates has a Twitter account, so follow him

Microsoft founder and owner of one of the largest humanitarian foundations in the world, Bill Gates, has for more than 24 hours a Twitter account. For those who have not yet had the pleasure, Twitter is one of the hottest social networks. Bill Gates has a Twitter account Those who want to watch on Bill Gates can get his page on Twitter. Although an account just a few hours, the number that watched him Bill Gates is the time of writing, nearly 170,000.

Apple (iSlate) tablet specifications escaped on the web

Thinking the announcement that Apple will make on January 26, which will probably be time for launching long-awaited tablet, here I discovered first list of specifications of the terminal which will be called probably iSlate. Apple (iSlate) As you can see, Apple tablets comes with an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.26 GHz, 7.1-inch widescreen display with multi-touch support and a layer that protects against fingerprints, plus a 120 GB Serial ATA hard.

Sprint and Microsoft prepare a WiMAX smartphone for CES 2010

We enter into 4G force with CES 2010 next month, since the last rumors say that Microsoft and Sprint would prepare a Windows Mobile smartphone WiMax (4G) for this show. Sprint and Microsoft prepare a WiMAX smartphone for CES 2010 Sprint has already sent invitations to a press conference to be held on January 6, the day before CES. U.S. operator CEO, Dan Hesse, accompanied by Steve Ballmer, CEO Microsoft will be present at this event and Sprint representatives said that this conference will be extremely important.

Microsoft Project Natal will cost only 80 dollars?

Rumor of the day comes from the world of Microsoft and is one that hardcore gamers will enjoy: it seems that the new controller based on motion sensors and cameras, the name Natal Project will cost just 80 dollars. He is going to be released next year in November and is compatible with the famous Xbox 360. It should be noted that this technology has won the big prize on the show E3 this year, surprising the audience and experts and making or Nintendo and the Wii to tremble slightly.…