World's Smallest Camera

Technology rises once again to tell us size doesn’t matter. We’re still not convinced but we’ll give it a shot… or take a shot, with the world’s smallest camera (I can finally pass that exam now). This mini camera acts like a high quality digital video recorder and picture camera. It stores everything on a microSD card of 16Gb, at most (free 2Gb) and records 40 minutes of high quality 640 x 480 30FPS video (fully charged).

Design Concept: The Upgraded Collector USB Flash Drive

Most of us have several USB Flash Drives that we carry on us at any times. They are “several” because we don’t seem to ever have enough memory storage for our needs. If you are one of these people, then the Collector USB Flash Drive is the perfect solution for you. Designed by Fang-Chun Thai, the principle used here is pretty simple: by using the Collector USB Flash Drive you will be able to store a big amount of movies, music, games, software, photos etc. on more than one microSD…