LG and the Z330 book

In order to remain afloat in this competitive world, LG has found a new method to demonstrate its power. And this is called  the Z330 book. This cool device looks more like a MacBook weighting less than 2.7 pounds. Its stylish design includes  a 13 inch screen, colored with tasteful shades of black and silver. The technological part is not bad either. It can start Windows 7 in almost 9 seconds and has a low voltage processor (1.6GHz Core i5 or 1.8GHz Core i7) having the capacity of storing up…

LG Optimus 3D Short Review

Having a phone which can do multiple tasks is good, but having a phone that does this and looks cool, is awesome. The new idea of LG Optimus 3D is based on an attractive design (a glass-free 3D display and a wonderful camera which can record 3D videos.), but also on modern features (for example, it has an additional front snapper so that you can capture everything). But don’t worry because besides this fresh style, LG Optimus 3D preserves the qualities which made it famous (the perfect NOVA display, Android…

CES 2010 – LG GW990, phone based on Intel Moorestown

The difference between the phone and MID is shrinking screens diagonals and processing power increase follows the same upward trend. Not only that new smartphones do not fit into your pocket, but they almost completely eliminate the need for a laptop. And the LG GW990 handset is in the image below, an impressive camera on the flight model at CES 2010. CES 2010 – LG GW990, phone based on Intel Moorestown Among facilities that include super smartphone and a digital compass, HSPA supports a 5 megapixel camera.

LG Prada III and Lotus 2 official at CES 2010?

A number of interesting phone launches will take place at CES 2010, the first tech event next year. LG is on the list of companies that have special events prepared for the show, such as on January 7, which will include those from Sprint and would be the perfect opportunity to launch the LG Prada III. LG Prada III and Lotus 2 official at CES 2010 Rumors about Prada loses third model of substance when we realize that the first series of elegant models have never reached in the U.S.…

Prada Technology – perfect gift for Christmas

For the second time, Prada formed partnership with Motorola. So, the famous fashion house will make us not only to will their coveted bags, shoes and clothes, but also the new phone that bears his name. Prada Technology – perfect gift for Christmas Continuing the success of last collaboration with LG, Prada – of the first phone in history as the first touch screen phone market – they are preparing a new model.