Cool USB Fridge

This is rather amazing to know that all products are getting its portable form and shapes soon. Even the fridges that we use in large shape and size inside our home are not left anymore. People can even get a USB fridge for them. This new product is available in market and users can typically keep their meals or drinks cool inside it. It does not consume heavy electricity and completely environment friendly and energy efficient. The small and tiny fridge has good capacity to keep your drink cool. With…

Colour Changing Shower Head

LED light is one of the greatest latest invented technologies and it’s suitable for all rooms and furniture. That’s why it should be used in bathroom, too. In this case, the LED light it’s changing, being temperature sensitive; the light goes green when water is cold, then purple and red when the water is hot. This is a real gadget especially for kids, who don’t know to change water to make it suitable for shower.