2010 Latest Gadgets

E-Reader and Netbook A new technology right now combines an e-reader to read your favorite literature while having internet connectivity, netbook functionality and color screen on the other side. The design of the duo is like an upright laptop but the orientation of the netbook would probably be functional in both landscape and portrait settings. Photo Source E-newspaper If you like to read news but you do not want to clutter up your house with piles of newspaper on your home or basement, an e-newspaper reader is available now. It…

Smart Lemon Slicer

The Smart Slicer is a device that slices lemons so quick and perfect that you can enjoy your party time with friends and even can be used at bars and restaurants. I know that this device it seems more useful at a bar because it helps you to speed up making fresh drinks for your customers. It can be wall mounted or on the bar, anyway closer to you and it can be simply dismantled for easy cleaning.