Do you love math? Shakuntala Devi loved it

Google Search engine celebrates today, the birth of Shakuntala Devi (November, 4, 1929 – April, 21, 2013), the woman who was called “human computer” because of her extraordinary capacity to perform complex mathematical calculations in mind. In 1982, Shakuntala Devi entered in Guinness World Records. Shakuntala Devi was born in Bangalore, India, in a circus artists family who perform trapeze, tamed lions, walking on rope and many magic numbers. In 1980, Shakuntala Devi multiplied correct two 13 digit numbers in just 28 seconds at the Imperial College London. Shakuntala Devi’s…

Google search engine was closed in China

After many months of thinking, Google decided to leave China. We all know that the Google Search Engine censored searches from China, but now it decided to stop its working there, so, the Chinese that wants to search on Google will be redirected to Hong Kong server. Google announced its decision to renounce the censure and to redirect its searching trough, because of latest hackings (at the beginning of 2010), and for those the Chinese Government was accused.