Wild Planet Spy Gear Night Goggles

Wild Planet Spy Gear Night Goggles Blue-tinted lenses for night vision Fold-out sighting scope with crosshairs Two built-in, super bright blue LED lights See in the dark for the most secret night missions For every child who envisions being a secret agent Take your sleuthing to the next levelwhen you launch spy missions under the cover of darkness. These night goggleswill be your best spy partner during covert operations. Features Two built-in,super-bright blue LED lights, Fold-outsighting scope with crosshairs, Blue-tinted lenses for night vision twoyellow-tinted magnifying lenses. Requires 3 ?AAA?…

Google presents new dynamic searching and Goggles elements, image-based search service

Google held an official event yesterday at the Computer History Museum, presenting the public and press its new search functions and technologies about the search in real time and that based on images. We are impressed about Google Goggles, and you can see a video about it, below: Goggles is a visual search application, available on Android terminals and allows searching objects using images instead of words.