Top 10 Latest Gadgets for Men

Phone: • Rim blackberry storm 2 is the second try of this famous brand for their touch screen offerings after the not so successful attempt for the first one. This second version uses 4 actuators placed beneath the screen that responds electronically so that it responds better and there are no dead spots on the sides. The OS has also been improved so you will surely want to try it out for yourself. • IPhone 3GS’s new processor makes the past generations or versions inferior to this new model it…

MB&F Starcruiser & Sidewinder Watches

MB&F Starcruiser & Sidewinder Watches were developed to display harmoniously crafted bridges, rapidly oscillating balance wheel, finished movement in operation, gearing and distinctive battle-axe shaped automatic winding rotor. MB&F Starcruiser & Sidewinder Watches These cool models are perfect for men that appreciate the art and craft that makes up a highly complex machine, one that is comprising more than 300 high-precision components.