Cool iPod Nano Watch

An iPod Nano watch seems to be a great idea, that’s why Scott Wilson wants to design it with 2 amazing bands with real multi-touch. If you don’t know who Scott Wilson is, I should tell you that he is the founder of Chicago design studio, called Minimal. He was creative director for Nike’s watches. Those two bands that I’ve said before should be TikTok and LunaTik.

Panel with 80 USB ports for large families

You are the lucky owner of a hotel or simply have a large family? Perhaps you’d like to offer a service that will impress everybody. Improve them with a panel’s USB to charge the phones and MP3 players without standing in line. Panel with 80 USB ports An Asian producer is offering for $ 210 a USB hub monster with no less than 80 portals.

MP4 Watch – 1.5 inch OLED Girls Edition 2 GB

MP4 Player Watch for girls, with a unique design, flexible strap and plastic case. The screen is LCD and can play the video of the highest quality so and pictures. Are you in school or in college? This product can help you get rid of many nights lost to learn with menu E-book reader, which allows viewing of *. txt files. In addition, at the exam, who will realize that you copy from the … watch? MP4 Watch – 1.5 inch OLED Girls Edition 2 GB Information provided by the…