Cool Bio Robot Fridge for Fresh Food

Electrolux Design Lab is a contest designed for students and fresh graduates from the industry area. Global participants create electrical appliances and equipment, but only the best idea is awarded. This year, one of the applicants, Yuriy Dmitriev launched Bio Robot Fridge. A layer of gel is designed to keep the food fresh. This machine without engine leaves a smaller carbon footprint than any normal refrigerator. It’s an original concept, especially it can be installed everywhere in the house, including on the ceiling.

'Tis the Season to Offset Your MacBook's Carbon Footprint

‘Tis the Season to Offset Your MacBook’s Carbon Footprint Apple is, to put it mildly, on a roll. The company has been a non-stop powerhouse for most of this century, starting the world-changing iPod, the resuscitation of its desktop and laptop computers, and culminating with the iPad. Read more on GreenBiz Autistic Children Have More Trouble Searching for Items Children with autism may have a harder time than other kids searching for items, such as a particular food in the grocery store, or keys inside a house, a new study…