Swedish Firesteel Is Another Tool You Can Use To Light Fire

The use of this Swedish fire steel is to produce fire sparks when building. It is rated as the best since it can work under all kinds of weather condition and any altitude. This tool originated from the department of Swedish defense. It has been used by armies all over the world. Its popularity grew and was adapted and used to light stoves and gas barbecues. To light fire using this tool, you just metal blade across the firesteel. Once the sparks are generated, throw them to small pieces of…

Maritime fires show cold-weather spike

Maritime fires show cold-weather spike Fires across the Maritimes keep volunteers with the Canadian Red Cross busy this weekend. Read more on CBC New Brunswick Nearly 300 families flee, as river swells FLOOD stranded at least 290 families in two barangays in Danao City yesterday morning. Mud covered the floors of their houses. Some residents’ kitchen utensils and livestock were carried away by the strong currents, while others’ clothes and appliances got wet. No one was hurt, according to initial reports. read more Read more on Sun Star