Silicone Sports Watch – Pink

Photo Credits: Silicone Sports Watch is a trendy and feminine pink watch. It is made of Eco friendly Silicone rubber and is ionized. What does this mean to you? Today, pollution and stress has taken a toll on everybody’s lives. Stress is a chief culprit of life threatening conditions including hypertension and cardiac problems. Thanks to Silicone Sports Watch, you can now forget health woes due to stress. This watch emits negatively charged ion and Infrared Rays, which is absorbed into the body. It travels through the blood and…

Gadgets go green: Noah Horowitz is the brains behind NRDC's efforts to reduce energy use by electronics and appliances.(fieldwork)(National Resource Defense Council): An article from: OnEarth


A Treadmill for Your Furry Friend

                    Now, here is something new. The  Professional Fit Fur Life Treadmill is perfect for those who want to burn calories and energy. Oh, yes ….it is for your furry friends. Some say that they might accept staying indoors and running on treadmills, but making their animals do this is a little cruel. Animals  are supposed to go out, run and feel free to explore the world, not become lazy as their masters. However, this device is perfect for the animal…

Ice Glass Shot Maker

Summer is here and many of us need extra help in order to keep up with the hot weather. And what better remedy for that, than let’s say, frozen shots. The amazing Ice Glass Shot Maker is perfect for a summer party because you can create interesting mixtures which you can further on serve as shots. Made of your favorite juice or simply water, the drinks made with the help of this “shot maker” will provide you the necessary energy for a wild party. Te best part is that you…

Conserve energy by cooking with small appliances

Conserve energy by cooking with small appliances If you want to save on your electricity bill, use your oven less and small kitchen appliances more. Read more on Deseret News Fatal crash NW of Gisborne Police, fire appliances and two ambulances are currently at the scene of a fatal road accident near Gisborne. Read more on Newstalk ZB via Yahoo!Xtra News Tipline Investigation: Cash 4 Appliances Ever wonder what happened to those government rebate programs, like “Cash 4 Appliances?” Read more on KEYT 3 Santa Barbara