Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

It seems that Sony Ericsson will launch soon a new phone, called the Xperia X8 and will have almost the same design as the X10. Although it looks like the X10, X8 will surely have more features, but until we will have more official details (this summer) we have to wait. I surely think that this could be a great competitor for its rivals and its price will be smaller than X10’s.

Versace Unique –18k Gold and Sapphire Crystal

Versace is a great brand with many clients and a lot of possibilities, that’s why a phone made by Versace must be with exclusivist elements, as: Gold, Sapphire and Crystal. The phone created by Versace was made by ModeLabs and LG (electronic part). Because the phone must be impressive, Versace Unique has a Sapphire Crystal that protects the 3 inch screen for scratches. Other elements are: 18 k yellow gold, ceramic, stainless steel inlay and hand-done leather. The phone has a 5MP blitz camera and will be available for purchase…

Sony Ericsson Spiro – The Perfect Walkman

Announced Tuesday, this week, Sony Ericsson Spiro could create a bad impression at first sight, because it doesn’t have high-speed Internet connection, the camera is only 2MP, GPS is missing and the 2.2 inch screen isn’t that great. Spiro is however what must be a Walkman phone and has a standard 3.5 mm plug, supports microSD cards up to 16GB, large enough even for musicians and listeners. I don’t know its price yet, but I hope I will find it soon, so stay in touch and you will know.