Cool Adidas JS Roundhouse Mids Spark against Racism

Adidas published an image of the coming JS Roundhouse Mids about Myspace and in addition instantaneously offended a great deal of persons. Take a closer consider the pic above. What do us see? Yes, those are really bright orange shackles which are generally expected to be snapped around the particular wearer’s ankles. Certain view the shackles as hot, cutting-edge accessories, yet a large number of Myspace responders weren’t impressed and additionally saw them as modern-day shackles that reminded them associated with the chains slaves had been forced in order to…

Cool Engine Table

This is one of the most impressive tables ever seen and I think it has the perfect design for every automobile lovers. The designer of the engine table was probably inspired by a beautiful and relaxing life in car. I think that if you change the engine of your car, instead of taking it to garbage, you should use it for special furniture that will impress all your visitors.

Cool iPod Nano Watch

An iPod Nano watch seems to be a great idea, that’s why Scott Wilson wants to design it with 2 amazing bands with real multi-touch. If you don’t know who Scott Wilson is, I should tell you that he is the founder of Chicago design studio, called Minimal. He was creative director for Nike’s watches. Those two bands that I’ve said before should be TikTok and LunaTik.

Cool Chairs Collection by Sicis

Looking for cool designs I’ve found a great collection of chair on It seems that this was presented at the 2010 Salone Internazionale del Mobile (Milan, March 14-19). Cool Chairs Collection by Sicis This beautiful collection is offered by Sicis, a designer with great history of interesting products and the chairs presented are created by Carla Tolomeo from Sicis Next Art, a new Sicis division.

Cool Design offered by Concord C1 Gravity Watch

Concord C1 Gravity watch is one of the greatest design that has won the Award of “Best Design on the Year 2008″ by the prestigious “Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève”. Cool Design offered by Concord C1 Gravity Watch This beautiful watch can be purchased in rose gold or white and it features an externally housed tourbillon that mitigates the effects of gravity. That’s why the name.