Hybrid Furniture, by Paul Kweton

Paul Kweton is a designer who successfully manipulates wood, turning it into modern furniture. Its piece, Hybrid Furniture is a mixture of an old school rocking chair and a dog house. Weirdly enough, the result actually looks great. Made from plywood, the Hybrid Furniture allows you to rest on the comfortable chair, while your favorite canine pet can take a nap beneath you (literally). The chair has a special opening that’s big enough for a dog to fit in.

Flexible Screen Phone by Nokia

This is Nokia Morph and I’m sure you’ve heard of it. In short, a concept phone that is 100% flexible, seemingly impossible. Here, however, the Finns show that have already made the first concrete step and had a patent for flexible display for mobile devices. Morph Concept – Flexible Screen Phone by Nokia And other major manufacturers (Sony, Samsung) have revealed similar concepts (even prototypes), but the big question is what will make the whole device can be deformed and integrate specific features in the different forms it will take.…