Yellow Kenwood Boutique Range Filter Coffee Maker

Yellow Kenwood Boutique Range Filter Coffee Maker Features: Anti-drip device 6 cup capacity Glass carafe Cup warming plate On/Off button Sure Hold handle 750 ml water tank Housing material: Aluminium, Stainless steel. Buy this Kenwood Coffee Maker with only 64.97 pounds from

Make a delicious coffee at home!

Coffee is the world’s most famous liquid being consumed by almost 80% of the population. Therefore, anyone should have the CBTL Contata Single Cup Coffee and Espresso Brewer which turns the experience of drinking coffee into an art. With its help you can make delicious tea, hot chocolate and espresso. No wonder since its origin country is Italy, the place of all tasty pleasures. Its perfect features include a beautiful color which integrates perfectly into the decor, a compact footprint and the possibility of matching it with an exclusive milk…