Dry your phone with Bheestie Bag!

Water is the single worst enemy that can do serious damage to your gadget. Thank God for the waterproof techniques! However, not all companies produce waterproof objects. For example, in order to protect your phone from unpleasant experiences when going to the swimming pool you can use Bheestie Bag. This interesting item has Bheestie beads that instantly dry your gadget in case of an emergency. It simply sucks out all the humidity leaving your “little friend” totally dry. It can be used for watches, iPods or cameras and can be bought…

Top 10 Cell Phones

Cell phone industry quite often releases new to newer products as fierce competition among the handset manufacturers as well as technological adoption force them to do so. This practice of releasing newer handsets with added product and use features have become the standalone consideration for many a cell phone reviewers and enthusiasts before buying. Just considering those excited enthusiasts of cell phones, we have rated top 10 cell phones for you. Just look beneath to the rating: 10. BlackBerry Tour 9630: This sleek blackberry device is good in performance and…

Cool Pebble Cell Phone

Now, all of us are looking for great design and latest applications when we speak about cell phone; that’s why, Jamie Lawrence, a British designer decided to create a phone with no multimedia features. Although we prefer phones with many functions, we also want to be simple to use, that’s why the designer created a phone with an appealing design, that it’s slides from the middle, offering great space to use the touchscreen.

The NOVA N800 Tri Band Watch Cell Phone

I’ve found the NOVA N800 Tri Band Watch Cell Phone very interesting, and, although it’s big, it can be used by men and by women too; if you run outside, play football, basketball, skate or do any activity, it’s the perfect solution not to carry a phone, too. This watch cell phone has Tri band function for a great coverage and clean reception in most geographical regions and with the high definition PC camera you can obtain good pictures made with the phone.