Sony VAIO Z Short Review

Sony will probably remain one of the best known brands from all around the world. And it keeps proving that, over and over again. The new series Sony VAIO Z promises to be as good as the rest of the products that made it famous, if not, better. With outstanding features ( Blu-ray disc slot, 3 USB ports, HDMI and VGA ports, solid aluminium for its keyboard and carbon fiber matrix for the interior) Sony VAIO Z is definitely the star of the season. So why not have one of…

Cool CarbonFiber Leather Shell for Iphone

Looking for cool gadgets on internet I’ve found this ION CarbonFiber Leather Shell that looks pretty interesting and it’s made by carbon fiber, which is used in the construction of F1-racing cars and jet fighters alike. Cool CarbonFiber Leather Shell for Iphone The leather shell presents you with the exquisite look and feel of the cockpits. Combining with supple stitched leather wrapped around the iPhone, the shell is perfect designed for Apple IPhone and includes microfiber cleaning cloth.