10.50 Opera beta – the fastest browser in the world

Norwegians from the Opera has released a new version of the browser with the same name. 10.50 Opera beta brings much news but first boasts a significant speed increase when loading pages. 10.50 Opera beta – the fastest browser in the world 10.50 Opera JavaScript engine is 8 times faster than the previous version. That makes it people say that Opera is the fastest browser on the planet. I am convinced that people at Google may have something to comment on this topic.

How is tricked the world with Internet Explorer

If Microsoft could do a great job for mankind, it would certainly be to dispense us of Internet Explorer browser. After numerous vulnerabilities (many serious) found in absolutely all versions, the Redmond giant still has the nerve to do ads “Internet Explorer – target with higher security”. How the world is tricked with Internet Explorer Now they admit that was discovered a new vulnerability that could facilitate unauthorized access to personal information.