BlackBerry Curve Holster

Blackberry Curve Holster is an elegant way to protect your Blackberry phones. With a premium leather finish, it is a unique blend of convenience and elegance. With this around, you can adjust the phone settings, depending on whether or not it’s in the holster. When the device is on, the screen is automatically shutoff, to extend battery life. It is a perfectly engineered plastic case within, to ensure the optical pad isn’t damaged. With a rich black finish, it can suit any color, or apparel. The design by itself is…

BlackBerry Torch Advertising Video

Will Ramsay, Art Pioneer – “My BlackBerry Torch is like my portable gallery cos I can easily go between artists’ sites. Which is brilliant.” I think these words make more than what I want to say about new BlackBerry Torch. So, you could watch the video to convince about how great is BlackBerry Torch.