See How Easily you can Spend your Lottery Winnings


See How Easily you can Spend your Lottery Winnings

Choose those numbers that correspond,
To birthdays of people of which you’re fond,
Like twenty-three and thirty-one,
The special days of dad and mum,
And be sure to choose number four,
‘Cos it matches the digit on your front door,
Always pick seven and you’ll be a winner,
For that’s the time when you have your dinner,
Fifteen, as you have fifteen stairs,
And eight like Steven Gerrard wears,
You pay your pound for your lucky picks,
And another pound for a king-size Twix,
Then you’ll relax and start to fantasise,
About how you’ll spend that jackpot prize,
A private yacht and a speedy horse,
And a highly exclusive private golf course,
A solid gold comb for your golden locks,
Some marble trainers and platinum socks,
A lavish party for your family and friends,
And Lady Gaga to sing as it comes to an end,
You’ll want a car but you won’t know which,
So you’ll buy enough to cover a football pitch,
An Aston Martin, so powerful, so sleek,
A different Porsche for each day of the week,
A classic Cortina like your daddy owned,
With silk upholstery and a solid gold phone,
A monogrammed brolly for when it rains,
And a private box at the Olympic Games,
Assistants to fan you when the weather is sunny,
And surgeons to suck the fat from your tummy,
But in mid-dream it suddenly dawns,
You’ve had rubbish luck since the day you were born,
So you promise yourself, right there and then,
To never buy a lottery ticket again,
And next time these fantasies enter your head,
To buy another Twix instead.

David Rice is a UK-based writer who has never won the lottery and probably never will. He knows the best way to feel like a millionaire is to hire a car from Nationwide Vehicle Contracts, because he always finds a good deal with them.

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