Phone or tablet for the web? It depends on what you need it for!

Nowadays people use both tablet devices and mobile phones for accessing the internet, but when it comes to establishing which of the two represents the better device for this purpose, it perhaps depends on what you need the web for.

Certainly, tablets have been marketed on the idea that they represent a cross between a mobile phone and a laptop computer, offering the convenience of the former, crossed with much of the functionality of the latter; and certainly in a lot of ways, tablets do provide the best and most convenient option for using the web.

Phone or tablet

One way in which this is definitely true is if you are using your device to play any sort of game on your mobile, largely because of the more impressive size of the screen offered by tablets.

Online casino websites and other types of gaming options for these devices, all feature more and more sophisticated graphics – something which the user will be able to appreciate to a far greater extent with a bigger screen display. Furthermore, tablets also feature bigger keyboards and keys as well, which can make gaming using them easier and less frustrating than the sometimes rather small and fiddly keys on a mobile phone.

On the other hand, although the long battery life makes tablets suitable for those who are accessing the web for work purposes, the comparatively limited connectivity of these devices can mean that mobiles still represent a better option for those who need the web for working. After all, although Wi-Fi may appear to be everywhere these days, that is not actually the case – which can leave anyone relying on a tablet for working up the creek if they are stuck in a location with no wireless network. By comparison a mobile such as a smartphone will be able to access either a 3G or 4G signal, ensuring that you will be able to access the web for work regardless.

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