Nokia and Angry Birds Fans:Get Ready!

I have always considered Nokia to be a serious and professional company, therefore all my phones until now have been signed by it, and I can honestly say, that I have had my last one, for over 5 years now and it is still rolling.

I know that you’ll think I am so old fashioned, but I get attached to stuff and like to keep them as much as possible. And from what I can see, Nokia feels the same.

Therefore, if you own a Nokia phone or you are a fan, you can buy this great Nokia Angry Birds Pouch CP-3007. It is awesome!

It has a stylish design so that it looks good and thin, it is made of a lightweight material and has a single opening for easier handling.

What is more important is the Black Bird design, which will make you part of the Angry Bird team in no time.

And all these for £12.95. Fashionable and fun!

I think this is a great mobile phone cover and you can see more at

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