LG Prada III and Lotus 2 official at CES 2010?

A number of interesting phone launches will take place at CES 2010, the first tech event next year. LG is on the list of companies that have special events prepared for the show, such as on January 7, which will include those from Sprint and would be the perfect opportunity to launch the LG Prada III.

LG Prada III and Lotus 2 official at CES 2010

Rumors about Prada loses third model of substance when we realize that the first series of elegant models have never reached in the U.S. (by operators), so not really a launch by Sprint would make sense for Prada III. More likely is that Sprint and LG to formally present the new LG Lotus 2, which comes with an external touch screen, with the mention that it is still unclear if it will keep Lotus LX600’s design or not.
Regardless of the LG launch next month, we can only hope that we will not only be amazed by design, but also the terminal specifications, whether it’s CPU, OS and connectivity.
Source: UnWiredView

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