Introducing Tasco Binoculars – A Smarter Brand of Engineering

 Tasco – What separates them from other optics companies?

A common line of consumer goes like this. High price equals high quality. A cheaper price likewise equates to…you guessed it…lower quality. But that’s not always the case. The Korean automaker Hyundai, once known for unreliable and inferior automobiles, has managed to vault itself into the rankings as one of the top car-makers today. All while still being affordable.

Enter Tasco, an optics company with over 50 years of proven, industry-leading experience under its belt. What differentiates Tasco from the others is its ability to produce high quality products at cost-effective prices. This American-made optics giant offers users a product for nearly every viewing occasion.

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Tasco’s Lines of Binoculars

Tasco offers four unique lines for users, each with its own advantages to make nearly any viewing experience all the more enjoyable.

Tasco’s Sierra line offers durability and premium viewing quality in a compact, yet affordable package. With four different sizes, all optics are premium multi-coated and outfitted with a rubber armored chassis.

For those who travel and the less-taken trail, Sierra’s Off-Trail series provides users with a water and fog-proof body equipped with a design specifically designed for the hiking enthusiast.

For the more serious viewing enthusiast Tasco’s Essentials line offers premium quality with a variety of optical measurements. Optical lenses are fully coated to ensure optimum quality and brightness levels. The folding design also allows users compactness when it not in use, while still maintaining a wide viewing lens.

Tasco’s Measurement Lens Variety

Each line has a variety of measurement lens with which allows users greater individuality in specifying for their needs. From fixed magnification levels of 7 to 16 times, as well as 8-24X25mm, 8-20X50mm and 10-30X50mm lens sizes.

Whether it be a sporting event, hunting, animal or bird watching, hiking or any viewing experience, Tasco’s line of high-quality, affordable binoculars has you covered. Tasco has something for nearly every user, and for nearly every demographic. And what’s more, Tasco company’s warranty is one of the best in the business. Every Tasco binocular unit comes printed with a specific printed code which guarantees your unit’s safe working ability. Replacement or repair, Tasco’s Customer Service Support Center will guide and help you every step of the way.

For over fifty years, Tasco has paved the way in offering high-quality, affordable optics products.

Tasco. Believe it.

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