iCeCream – The Low Fat Ice Cream

The zero calories ice cream is the ultimate dream of young ladies that are always looking for sweets, but want at the same time to maintain a perfect body. Unfortunately for them, nobody has yet managed to offer such delights in excess without known consequences – retired weightlifter arms, tummy, waist top and stumpy legs.

iCeCream – The Low Fat Ice Cream

But today, girls can satisfy appetites without fear of carbohydrate provides extra pounds, because some developers said they have developed creative ice-cream application for iPhone and iPod Touch – only that, they say, allows the use of these two gadgets with tongue.

Not only that is low fat, but iCeCream is careful not to empty wallet and potential customers – it costs only 0.79 euros. You can order it at online store App Store.

iCeCream – The Low Fat Ice Cream

Those who have ventured to taste ice cream on the iPhone have been satisfied, but it would like future application to include more types of sweets to be consumed with more realistic visual effects.

Made by Givosoft.

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