HP Elite L2201x – 21.5-inch ultra-slim business monitor

HP Elite L2201x – 21.5-inch ultra-slim business monitor
HP creates and releases the Elite L2201x, its thinnest monitor to date, as the ultimate visualization tool for business purposes. It is portable, eye-catching, and modern and it saves a lot of space. Perfect for any businessman (or just a regular guy with high demands when it comes to technology).

It is the ideal business monitor for home or for the office, as it is only 0.4 inches thick and its diagonal has 21.5 inches. It also features advanced back-lit LCD technology to bring you an impressive visual experience while maintaining its exquisite colors and highest quality, with a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080, a 72% color gamut and a 5001:1 static contrast ratio.

You can easily work on it or take a break and watch YouTube videos or play your favorite computer games. And with a simple connection to a DisplayPort input, you can use it as a second monitor. The design has a platinum and rushed metal finish.

The price for the HP Elite L2201x ultra-slim monitor starts at $249 and it will be available starting with June 1st, at HP (I assume there will be a lot of orders placed for this bad boy).

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