How to Nail an Interview For a Tech Job


Are you looking for a new career in tech? Are you motivated to climb the tech ladder within the Information Technology Systems department within your company?  Follow these suggestions from the experts to land that dream job in the tech industry.  Do your homework and research, be prepared and the sky’s the limit. Follow these suggestions from the professionals and you’ll be on your way to landing your dream job in Information Technology.

  • Make sure you have all the skill sets and certifications required as outlined in the job description. Most Information Technology jobs do not have a strong on the job training component. Generally, the applicants are hired that can undergo a rather quick learning curve about the company, end user expectations and start contributing to the team.
  • Prepare for the interview. Research the company and industry. Use professional networking websites to get information about the hiring manager and any 2nd or 3rd degree contacts you may already have at this company. They can provide a wealth of information on the culture of the company and management expectations. Be sure to have copies of certifications available that verify your IT skill sets.
  • Prepare yourself for the interview. Head to the salon and the gym to step up your game. Even a few visits to the gym will give you extra energy and a greater sense of confidence.  The most important thing you can wear to an interview is a genuine smile and a quiet self-confidence. Otherwise, be sure to wear your best suit and go easy on the accessories and makeup.  It’s always better to overdress for an interview than arrive looking like you just left a Friday night party.
  • Follow up. After you have completed the interview be sure to follow up with the hiring manager with a hand written note. This takes more effort than an email, and sends the message that you indeed appreciate the hiring manager’s time and sincerely want the position.

Keep up with industry innovations and follow the tips above and you’ll be moving up the career ladder in no time. Good luck on your journey.

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