Growing Up Geek: Tim Stevens

Growing Up Geek: Tim Stevens
I didn’t even really like Superman when that picture was taken. I think I was three or four and well on my way to being a fat kid. I mean, sure, the movies were boss, and Christopher Reeve was the man — all suave and all-powerful — but I didn’t know Kal-El from a candy cane. I liked his costume, though, and of course I knew that he was super strong and could fly. I was obviously super strong …
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The Green Hornet
A fun action flick with a buzzkill for a lead Diana Beechener In Seth Rogen’s ( Funny People ) latest leading role, which he wrote for himself, he creates a superhero with all the personality faults of Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man but without any of the charm or competence. It’s a bold choice to craft a possible superhero franchise around a tiresome jerk, but Rogen relishes the challenge.  Image …
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