Full Disk Encryption info

Full Disk Encryption

I do not know how many learned about the importance of Full Disk Encryption, but in this article I wish to inform the readers as well.

Full Disk Encryption is extremely beneficial for protecting information, which is achieved by encrypting data stored on any hard drive. When I say all the documents stored, I mean including the operating system and installed programs and files.
This technology makes it impossible to read all files from unauthorized person.

I do not know if you’ve heard of the study “The growing impact of full disk encryption on digital forensics”, the study shows the difficulty of CSI teams have to verify and obtain necessary digital data to fight against criminals.

There are many softwares for Full Disk Encryption that encrypts and decrypts data and few are transparent to users and applications. One of the problems with traditional Disk Encryption softwares is that it increases access time. In independent tests are software for Full Disk Encryption that provides performance results compared with major products in the market decreases by less than 2% of the performance of hardware.

Full disk encryption, also known as whole disk encryption or FDE Full offer many benefits, as: immediate data destruction, users can’t decide which individual files to encrypt (in case you forget to encrypt files), about all files are encrypted (including temporary files), etc.

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