Cool uTronix 2GB Touch Screen 2.8 Inches LCD MP4 Video Player

The uTronix 2GB 2.8 touch-screen mp4 player is one of the best mp4-player from its class and the customer service provided by Pro Ebiz Llc is the fastest ever.

I will tell you more about its features. This uTronix mp4 player supports multi music formats, as: mp3, mp4, wma, wav, video format play, full screen play display (2.8 inches); it also has built-in hi-fi 8 Ohm speakers and supports:
– Card-inserting function for Mini SD card;
– Digital record;
– 28M/256M/512M/1GB/2GB/4GB/8GBHigh-definition JPEG picture browse function;
– A-B replay function;
– Energy-saving setting, brightness adjustable, customerized power off time;
– Good timber, support 3D EQ surrounding effect, customerized EQ;
– Multi languages;
– High Speed USB2.0 port.

You can listen to music while reading an E-book or even when you are playing games, it has bookmark functions and also FM radio.
I have found some pro and less pro reviews about it, so I’m about to share it with you:

Pro opinions:

1) The player has three basic buttons. Menu: Volume up and down.
2) Touchscreen with clear and clean graphics.
3) Expandable memory card slot- Mini SD
4) All functions work.
5) Plays videos, music, and FM radio.
6) Has an E-book function.
7) Works as a flash drive.
8) Easy to Install.

Less pro opinions:
1) Software is not very good. The AVI converter does not work without other software. You have to download a flash to AVI type converter to see your videos. You can use the downloaded converter, and then open the software that came with the player to convert the file again.
Then, you have to load the video to your player; save the final file to your documents and it will work.
2) Another thing is that you have to close most programs after a few files have been converted and re-open it to utilize it. Trying to use it continuously can make computer slow and difficult to multi-task with.
3) Manual has very small print and very few instructions or answers.
4) The buttons are kind of loud when you press them.
5) The game function requires some work. It has only one game.
As you can see, the general opinion is that the uTronix 2GB Touch Screen MP3 MP4 Video Player 2.8 Inches LCD (Retail Package) is one of the best from it class and you can buy it from Amazon for only $42.99.

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