Cool Nokia Bike Charger

Nokia comes with a great product which is ecological, too. It’s about a possibility of charging your phone riding the bicycle.

When you have more than 6 km/h the charging kit is an effective way to generate power and at 12 km/h it charges as efficiently as common Nokia mains chargers.

It’s very easy to install this kit and using phone will have no environmental impact. It gives you electricity supply from your own pedal power and it resist to any weather circumstances.

It will cost around $18 and will be available at the end of the year.

Power generation:
• Compatible with bottle type bicycle dynamos with 6 V/3 W and 12 V/3 W output
• 5.0 V/450 mA/15 km/h. Maximum current 70 mA
• Charging starts at ~6 km/h and maximum output is achieved at 25 km/h. Charging stops when the speed reaches 50 km/h.
• Charging time depends on cycling speed, for example a Nokia 1202 with a 860 mAh battery can be charged with about 20 minutes of cycling at a speed of about 10 km/h (for the Nokia 1202 this would mean approximately 57 mins talk time or 74 h standby time)
Source: Nokia

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