Charge and Hold Your Gadget With the TrailBlazer!

I remember that when I first started driving, because I was to concentrated on driving and too afraid to do anything to distract myself, I never answered the phone. I just let it ring and I still believe that when driving, this is what you should be doing: driving, not talking at the telephone or texting.

TrailBlazer Universal Car Charger


So, because she could never reach me, my mother bought me this cool TrailBlazer Car Charger and Holder.

The trick is that it´s only one gadget, but functions as three: charger (so that you never go out of battery), holder (so that you won´t have to use your hands when talking) and USB cigarette lighter (well, no need to spell that out for you smokers, right?).

It really is as simple as that. Just plug and play!

Aaaaand, as a bonus, it also comes with a second USB port, in case you want to charge something else simultaneously, adjustable arms (for all types of gadgets) and an input of 12-24 V, making it universal.

I am telling you: You are going to LOVE it!

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