2GB Lipstick USB 2.0 Flash Memory Stick

This lipstick-shaped flash drive features the plug-and-play capability and requires no driver. I like about it the portability, high-speed data transmission and the support for encryption. In addition, the unit is antimagnetic, shockproof, damp-proof, heat and cold resistant in light of the ABS exterior.

• Metal Exterior and Compact Design
• Meet the USB 2.0 standard and offer high-speed data transmission
• Easy-to-use without power supply
• Flash electronic storage medium that assures more than one million times rewriting
• Data Retention over 10 years; antimagnetic, shockproof, dampproof, heat and cold resistant
• Data encrypting for whole disk or partition
• Capable of making USB HDD/ZIP startup disk

The product costs only $22.99 and it can be found at the Chinagrabber.

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