Cool Mini Case for Small Gadgets

We all have many small gadgets and we keep all of them all-together, but I think there are many solutions for a better storage. One of these solutions is a mini case for each gadget. You can choose from many colors available and all for a small price of $16.50 at the shop. Features: – Delightful Digital Mini Cases – They’ll fit just about any small digital device and zip up to cover the whole thing. – A handy clip means you can fix it to a bag strap…

Nokia N8 Officially Was Announced

Nokia has revealed the N8 phone that runs with Symbian 3 platform and has amazing 12 MP Camera with Carl Zeiss optics (my favorite) that can also capture HD videos. Nokia’s N8 screen measures 3.5 inches and has an HDMI connector that is included and it’s allowing it to connect to a HDTV, when you want that. Features include 16GB of built in storage and 32GB can be installed via microSD; you can navigate on Twitter and Facebook, being part of the user interface with live streams being sent direct…

2GB Lipstick USB 2.0 Flash Memory Stick

This lipstick-shaped flash drive features the plug-and-play capability and requires no driver. I like about it the portability, high-speed data transmission and the support for encryption. In addition, the unit is antimagnetic, shockproof, damp-proof, heat and cold resistant in light of the ABS exterior. Features: • Metal Exterior and Compact Design • Meet the USB 2.0 standard and offer high-speed data transmission • Easy-to-use without power supply • Flash electronic storage medium that assures more than one million times rewriting

Amazing Lamp with 16 Mil Color

16 Million Color Lamp it’s pretty impressive, don’t you think? It must be expensive… well, around $200, so not that expensive. This lamp is powered by four LEDs: one blue, one green and two red and it’s capable of outputting up to 16,277,216 different colors thanks to its 256 different hues, 256 levels of saturation, and 256 levels of brightness. This also includes a nifty color wheel remote control that can let you adjust the right shade to suit your mood and your desire.

Cool Pebble Cell Phone

Now, all of us are looking for great design and latest applications when we speak about cell phone; that’s why, Jamie Lawrence, a British designer decided to create a phone with no multimedia features. Although we prefer phones with many functions, we also want to be simple to use, that’s why the designer created a phone with an appealing design, that it’s slides from the middle, offering great space to use the touchscreen.

Sony Ericsson Spiro – The Perfect Walkman

Announced Tuesday, this week, Sony Ericsson Spiro could create a bad impression at first sight, because it doesn’t have high-speed Internet connection, the camera is only 2MP, GPS is missing and the 2.2 inch screen isn’t that great. Spiro is however what must be a Walkman phone and has a standard 3.5 mm plug, supports microSD cards up to 16GB, large enough even for musicians and listeners. I don’t know its price yet, but I hope I will find it soon, so stay in touch and you will know.

BeoCenter 2 from Bang & Olufsen

BeoCenter 2 from Bang & Olufsen is a great source of entertainment for your living room and has outstanding FM tuner and CD drive, plus optional DAB module. You can also add DVD playback and with any Bang & Olufsen screen and BeoLab 9 loudspeakers you would have sensational picture and sound experience. The BeoCenter 2 its polished aluminum wings glide aside to reveal a unique, integrated audio or video system.

Colour Changing Shower Head

LED light is one of the greatest latest invented technologies and it’s suitable for all rooms and furniture. That’s why it should be used in bathroom, too. In this case, the LED light it’s changing, being temperature sensitive; the light goes green when water is cold, then purple and red when the water is hot. This is a real gadget especially for kids, who don’t know to change water to make it suitable for shower.