The Key Fob Camera

You can record videos and go undercover with this small and useful Key Fob Video Camera that was specially designed to look like a car remote-key, but it’s made for something else. This camera has 2GB internal memory, enough to film whatever you like and it’s easy to download what you register on your PC, with the USB cable. This small video camera can be kept with your keys and it is close whenever you want to use it. It has an internal battery that can be charged with the…

Swarovski Active Crystals Memory Stick by Philips

Philips and Swarovski Active Crystals present their Memory Stick USB FM01SW81 Lock Out Jet Hematite of 1 GB. This product is very interesting and offers full functionality and amazing fantasy. From now on there will be a great connection between Philips and Swarovski, because they surely can bring a lot of satisfaction in great design category.

Cool USB Bottle Opener

Well, men… there is time for a cool gadget for you, to comfort your work. And when I say work, I mean “drinking work”. I know it seems funny, but I think this USB bottle opener is a great gadget for men, because it offers 2 big advantages: 1. it’s ready to give you a help for opening bottles and 2. The USB part it’s there for transferring your files (from 1GB to 16GB). The combo style gives you a clue about its origin, no? Yes, it’s German from TrekStor…

Cool yourself with the Brain Freeze Ice Tray

I know that it’s not just me the one that felt brain freeze sensation every time I eat or drink something very, very cold; that’s why one interesting idea came out on the market (now, the summer is close). The Brain Freeze Ice Tray it’s a cool idea for cool drinks; it makes ice cubes in the shape of the human brain. So, we can cool down our brain with some … human brain.

Google search engine was closed in China

After many months of thinking, Google decided to leave China. We all know that the Google Search Engine censored searches from China, but now it decided to stop its working there, so, the Chinese that wants to search on Google will be redirected to Hong Kong server. Google announced its decision to renounce the censure and to redirect its searching trough, because of latest hackings (at the beginning of 2010), and for those the Chinese Government was accused.

Cool uTronix 2GB Touch Screen 2.8 Inches LCD MP4 Video Player

The uTronix 2GB 2.8 touch-screen mp4 player is one of the best mp4-player from its class and the customer service provided by Pro Ebiz Llc is the fastest ever. I will tell you more about its features. This uTronix mp4 player supports multi music formats, as: mp3, mp4, wma, wav, video format play, full screen play display (2.8 inches); it also has built-in hi-fi 8 Ohm speakers and supports:

Be Green with Casio PAG110C-3 Solar Charged Watch

We live in a world with no free time, with time running by so quickly than we’ve expected a world with no time for our hobbies. But, we all know that the most important thing to keep in shape and for a better life is to make sport. Casio PAG110C-3 Solar Charged Watch That’s why we recommend sport gadgets with pleasure. Today, I will speak about the Casio PAG110C-3 Solar Charged Watch. I like this product so much, because it has a “joyful” color and it is solar energy charging,…

Street Fighter IV on iPhone

Street Fighter IV is a new game from “Street Fighter” series which offer gamers special fights, all for fun. I’m not a specialist, but I think this series delivers exactly what fans have come to expect, and it’s surprising (positive) how little the virtual touchscreen buttons diminish from “SFIV’s” playability. Ported to the iPhone OS, the game delivers exactly what’s expected without letting the necessary evil of virtual buttons diminish the gameplay.