Panel with 80 USB ports for large families

You are the lucky owner of a hotel or simply have a large family? Perhaps you’d like to offer a service that will impress everybody. Improve them with a panel’s USB to charge the phones and MP3 players without standing in line. Panel with 80 USB ports An Asian producer is offering for $ 210 a USB hub monster with no less than 80 portals.

Video – Apple iPad, tested for the first time

After being released by Steve Jobs last night in a luxurious event, Apple iPad tablet is analyzed by people from SlashGear and presented the next moment. It is this gadget only an oversized iPhone or more than that? Apple iPad, tested for the first time At first sight, whether we are dealing with an oversized iPhone, or rather with an extra-large iPod Touch, since it lacks the terminal room and, in some versions and 3G connectivity.

Heat Sock EX – socks for terrible frost

-20 Degrees Celsius, Heat electric heated socks Sock EX deserve appreciated. Feed from a laptop battery (Li-Ion, 4700 mAh) and offers a range of about three to 10 o’clock, depending on desired heat level (five-step intensity). Heat Sock EX – socks for terrible frost Unfortunately for potential willing, these socks should be ordered just in Japan. If we add to the already steep price of $ 265 and fees for transportation, we observe that we don’t have only beneficial business results. At this money you hire a personal masseuse and…

Nokia X6 16GB officially announced

For those of you who have no use for 32 GB, as the first model, Nokia announced a new version of X6. Nokia X6 16GB will have the same technical specifications as original, except for storage space – 16 GB. Nokia X6 16GB officially announced In addition to the 16 GB new Nokia X6 has a track record 3.2 inch touchscreen, HSDPA, WiFi and GPS. Not missing the 5 MP camera and a TV output and, obviously, the basic underlying system Symbian S60 5th Edition OS.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS2 for Perfomance

Panasonic TS2, the latest creation for Japanese amateur photographers and amateurs of extreme hiking, immersed in water resistant to 10 meters deep, can give you its functionality even at -10 degrees Celsius. Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS2 Temperatures in this period hurt but all accounts engineers from Panasonic puts a little bad light. Next time we hope they launch a device that will withstand -40 degrees.

Golden Bumblebee – the smallest slider phone in the world

We find impossible to find common elements of the series Transformers and the brand’s luxury phone Vertu. Well here some Asian producer of “impossible mobile” have found the common point and made the following handsets, with the name Bumblebee. Golden Bumblebee – the smallest slider phone in the world The picture is not only the yellow robot of Transformers, but the “golden” variant of some original phone, so called Golden Bumblebee.

New targeting options for AdWords mobile ads

Google recently announced the implementation of new options for targeting AdWords mobile ads type on mobile terminals with full Internet browsers such as iPhone. New targeting options for AdWords mobile ads Using this option, customers can target certain handsets or telephone operators. This function will achieve a particular public, with a message focused on a specific operator or a mobile terminal. The initiative includes the development of optimized pages for a phone, partnerships with some operators, or mobile applications created for a specific platform.

Bill Gates has a Twitter account, so follow him

Microsoft founder and owner of one of the largest humanitarian foundations in the world, Bill Gates, has for more than 24 hours a Twitter account. For those who have not yet had the pleasure, Twitter is one of the hottest social networks. Bill Gates has a Twitter account Those who want to watch on Bill Gates can get his page on Twitter. Although an account just a few hours, the number that watched him Bill Gates is the time of writing, nearly 170,000.

Apple iPhone OS 4.0 ready next week?

Sources of intelligence from Boy Genius Report have done its job and have learned all they could learn about the new iPhone OS 4.0, release date not yet known. Apple iPhone OS 4.0 This “secret agent” said that the new OS will come with multi-touch support on the entire platform, making it fully compatible with Apple Tablet potential. Also, he find out that the iPhone OS 4.0 will finally support multitasking, with applications running in the background and that there will be many changes to Chapter interface and graphics.