2010 Latest Gadgets

E-Reader and Netbook
A new technology right now combines an e-reader to read your favorite literature while having internet connectivity, netbook functionality and color screen on the other side. The design of the duo is like an upright laptop but the orientation of the netbook would probably be functional in both landscape and portrait settings.

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If you like to read news but you do not want to clutter up your house with piles of newspaper on your home or basement, an e-newspaper reader is available now. It is of good size and can be magnified to read fine print. The reader can read newspaper and magazines. The LG screen has a near ink-like quality.

Mobile Live TV
If you like free TV on the road then you will love a wireless LCD mobile TV that you can mount on your car. Just fix the antennas and you have reception. You can also hold it with your hands so that if you want to watch your favorite free TV shows and you want something that can be hand held anywhere, this one’s for you.

2-way video cell phone call
If you are interested and curious about 2-way video calling, an Android based phone was created to do that purpose plus more! You can download Android applications, video chat and many more. Of course video conferencing has been around for years already but it is refreshing that a company managed to exploit Android really well.

3D television

3d television
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A massive television, worth around $4000 is set to give you 3D viewing pleasure for your television viewing. This is a rear projection TV with 82-inches of pure visual clarity. You will certainly find this as a deal as compared to other TV prices, this is like a great price to pay for a 3D television.

10 finger touch technology
We all know about 2, 3 or 4-finger touch technology but how about 10? A new monitor screen is capable of 10-finger touch and can really compete well in the touch technology market. Maybe soon we will be able to make a touch piano to perfectly use the 10-finger touch technology.

GPS on IPod Touch
IPhone has toppled IPod Touch but slowly but surely, many app developers are creating amazing applications for the Touch version and one of these is a GPS. Use the dual navigation cradle to turn this device into an amazing GPS so that you can instantly know where you are going.

Gaming audio system
Gaming audio is notorious for being really bad so a new gaming audio system was made to create an amazing appeal to those who like to add a little twist to their gaming in the realm of sounds. Having good audio will certainly get these guys more hooked into playing.

MultiRoom audio system
Welcome this high quality boom box from Sonos known as the Zone Player S5 multi room Audio system. This is a plug and play device that you just pull out of the box, connect via Wi-Fi and you got music emanating on your crib.

Projectable keyboard
Light Blue Optics welcomes the Light Touch Projectable Keyboard. This is an amazing keyboard that is just projected on any flat surface. Press on the surface and it responds. It is pretty neat but it will be more appealing in the categories like IPhone or IPad.

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