Turn Loose Cables Into Art

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My father is an electrician so you would think that during my childhood I had everything in terms of electricity sorted out. But no. I remember having a lot of cables spread all over the house. I would always stumble on them and despite my mother’s constant efforts,...
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What Color is Best For Your Rooms?

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I remember an episode from my life that is related to the idea of using colors in your house. A few years back I spent a few months abroad and when I returned home I found my room colored in a bright yellow. I don’t want to express...
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13 Bed Designs That Leave You Breathless

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From the entire house, I think that the bed is the most important element. Why? Because this is the place where you can enjoy a divine night. Be it for rest or for other sort of interesting activity  (wink, wink). So the design of your bed has to...
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5 Tips to Make Your Rooms Look Bigger

Photo source: brewerhomeimprovements.com
Everyone designs or decorates their house according to their personal taste and desires. So no one is entitled to pass judgments on others. But a thing that most people reject is clutter. I remember that when I used to live with my parents our house would look always...
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Get Window Graphics for Your Home

Photo source: archdaily.com
Every person pays special attention to the way they decorate their house because this is the place where they can feel protected and relaxed. One’s home is where they come with joy after a hard day and the place where they will always find the comfort of their...
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21 Attractive Laundry Room Designs

Photo source: maniacompulsivaporlivros.blogspot.com
Every real housewife deserves a great laundry room. I know how sexist this sounded but I just had to say it. A woman who is keen on keeping her house clean and her laundry done has to benefit from her own little space. This is where the magic...
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7 Feng Shui Rules for Your Baby’s Nursery

Photo source: blog.amandacollins.me
So you’ve decided to adopt the Feng Shui way of life. Good for you! Now that you have found the way to keep your life in balance by absorbing positive energy, try doing the same for your baby’s nursery. Letting your baby live in an environment that promotes...
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